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Code Samples for Database Application Development

Download SQL Server 2005 code samples to get a jump start in your database application development.

SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases

The SQL Server 2005 Samples includes over 100 samples to help expedite your database application development, organized by component:

  • Database Engine, including administration, data access, Full-Text Search, common language runtime (CLR) integration, Server Management Objects (SMO), Service Broker, and XML
  • Analysis Services
  • Integration Services
  • Notification Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Replication
  • Integrated samples for the two multiple feature samples: HRResume and Storefront.

SQL Server 2005 sample databases to use in your database application development project include AdventureWorks (OLTP), AdventureWorksDW (data warehouse), AdventureWorksAS (Analysis Services), and AdventureWorksLT (a scaled-down sample database that those who are new to SQL Server will find easier to use and understand).


AdventureWorks Sample Databases

Many samples and examples in SQL Server Books Online use the AdventureWorks sample databases.