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Beginning PresentationML

Beginning PresentationML is a self-directed learning module that helps the reader understand the syntax and structure of PresentationML, which is defined in the ISO/IEC 29500 Office Open XML File Formats (Open XML) standard.

This module provides an introduction to PresentationML and shows techniques for programmatically processing PresentationML documents. The training materials in this module assume only that you know what Office Open XML is, and that you understand that PresentationML is one of the markup vocabularies specified by Office Open XML. If you would like more information on these two topics before starting the Beginning PresentationML learning module, please see Introduction to Office Open XML.


Length: 34 minutes

Learn basic PresentationML concepts and language structure. See essential techniques for using PresentationML to create slides and presentations.

LibraryTopic Structure of a PresentationML Document

Get up and running with the essential PresentationML tags needed to create slides, presentations, and presentation files.

LibraryTopic Working with Presentations

Automatically build Microsoft PowerPoint presentations by generating them programmatically.

LibraryTopic Working with Presentation Slides

Learn the fundamentals of the PresentationML Slide class, as represented by the <sld> tag.

LibraryTopic Working with Slide Layouts

Learn the markup necessary to master slide layout.

What's Next?

When you have reviewed the materials in this course, you can continue learning more about SpreadsheetML by using the resources in the Learn Open Specifications and Interoperability web page. Alternatively, you can learn the basics of the related Office Open XML markup vocabularies WordprocessingML and PresentationML by using the following links.

If you are writing Office Open XML-related programs in Java, then you should also consider the following information:

If you are developing Unix and Linux programs to process Office Open XML, the following case study may be helpful: