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Beginning SpreadsheetML

Beginning SpreadsheetML is a self-directed learning module that helps the reader understand the syntax and structure of SpreadsheetML, which is defined in the ISO/IEC 29500 Office Open XML File Formats (Open XML) standard.

This module provides an introduction to SpreadsheetML and shows techniques for programmatically processing SpreadsheetML documents. The training materials in this module assume only that you know what Office Open XML is, and that you understand that SpreadsheetML is one of the markup vocabularies specified by Office Open XML. If you would like more information on these two topics before starting the Beginning SpreadsheetML learning module, please see Introduction to Office Open XML.

SpreadsheetML Basics

Length: 34 minutes

Get up and running fast with this introductory-level explanation of the composition of a SpreadsheetML document.

SpreadsheetML Advanced

Length: 34 minutes

Learn to format and style spreadsheets. Find out how to define themes, create named ranges, and build pivot tables.

LibraryTopic Retrieving the Values of Cells in Excel 2010 Workbooks by Using the Open XML SDK 2.0

Programmatically retrieve cell values from Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheets.

  Watch the companion video
Length: 11 minutes
Office Open XML Formats: Inserting Values into Excel 2007 Cells

Programmatically insert values into Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheets.

Watch the companion video
Length: 13 minutes
LibraryTopic Inserting a Header or Footer into an Excel 2010 Workbook by Using the Open XML SDK 2.0

Programmatically insert a new header or footer into a Microsoft Excel 2010 workbook.

  Watch the companion video
Length: 10 minutes
LibraryTopic Office Open XML Formats: Retrieving Lists of Excel 2007 Worksheets

Programmatically retrieve a list of all worksheets in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

What's Next?

When you have reviewed the materials in this course, you can continue learning more about SpreadsheetML in the modules listed below. Alternatively, you can learn the basics of WordprocessingML and PresentationML by using the following links.

If you are writing Office Open XML-related programs in Java, then you should also consider the following information:

If you are developing Unix and Linux programs to process Office Open XML, the following case study may be helpful: