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Recent Open Specifications and Interoperability Learning Resources

Following is a listing of videos, blog posts, and solution projects that are produced by Microsoft and focus on teaching developers how to solve third-party interoperability problems. The list is fed by an OPML file that aggregates content from multiple sources.

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Recent Open Specifications and Interoperability Learning Resources

Register Now for The Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest!
The registration is now open for the Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2014! Register for the Plugfest (Please click the green “Register” box on the rig... More >
Monday, Apr 14 Anne Fogarty
New Bing Translator Plugin lets users localize your WordPress site into the language of their choice
Good news for WordPress developers and webmasters! Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. has released a new Bing Translator plugin that lets you apply the power of Bing Translator to ... More >
Thursday, Apr 10 Brian Benz
Announcing the Exchange EWS, Exchange RPC, and SharePoint Test Suites!
Exchange EWS, Exchange RPC, and SharePoint Test Suites Open specifications are here to provide software developers with importantinformation that allows them to integrate their own... More >
Wednesday, Apr 9 Anne Fogarty
April Updates to the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse– Azure SDK 2.3, Tomcat 8, New Zulu versions, and more!
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., has now published the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse (by Microsoft Open Technologies) - April 2014 release. This update accompanies the release of Azu... More >
Monday, Apr 7 Brian Benz
Samba eXPerience Confrence May 13th - May 16th, 2014
Join the Microsoft Interoperability team at the 13th international Samba eXPerience conference for users and developers in Göttingen, Germany on May 13th – 16th, 2014. ... More >
Monday, Mar 17 Anne Fogarty
OData v4.0 and OData JSON Format v4.0 approved as OASIS Standards
Ram Jeyaraman, co-Chair of the OASIS OData Technical Committee, and Senior Standards Professional, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Brian Benz, Senior Technical Evangelist, Micro... More >
Monday, Mar 17 Brian Benz
VM Depot Crosses Another Milestone
In January of last year, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) launched VM Depot- a community-managed repository of open source virtual machine images for deployment on ... More >
Friday, Mar 14 Ross Gardler
Corona SDK coming to Windows devices thanks to open source ANGLE project
Corona SDK, the popular mobile 2D platform made by Corona Labs, now offers closed beta support for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft Open Technologies helped the Corona Labs team integrat... More >
Thursday, Mar 13 Olivier Bloch
Oracle Database, WebLogic Server and JDK are now Generally Available on Windows Azure
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc, is pleased to share the news that select Oracle Software is now Generally Available on Windows Azure and Windows Server Hyper-V. This means that... More >
Thursday, Mar 13 Brian Benz
Vagrant Supports Hyper-V "Out-of-the-box"
Our code providing Hyper-V support to Vagrant has been included in the latest Vagrant 1.5 release, and so users need not install Hyper-V support separately. Mitchell Hashimoto, cre... More >
Tuesday, Mar 11 Ross Gardler
Tutorial: Finding Virtual Machine Images for Windows Azure in VM Depot
For users of VM Depot, our repository of community managed Virtual Machines for Azure, we have added significant enhancements to the search feature of the website. With this expand... More >
Monday, Mar 10 Ross Gardler
北京互操作技术研讨会 议程
主题: 开放规范文档/协议测试工具/互操作技术研讨会地点: 微软亚太研发总部(中国北京市海淀区丹棱街5号微软大厦1号楼1楼MPR会议室)邮编:100080 邮箱:plugfests@microsoft.com时间:4/1/2014(周二)– 4/2/2014 (周三)对象:开发人员和质量保证工程师费用:免费(场地有限望速报名)
Friday, Mar 7 Anne Fogarty
Using Chef to Manage Windows Azure Resources
Chef is an open source DevOps tool built to address hard IT infrastructure challenges. The team at Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. (MS Open Tech) has been hard at work collaborati... More >
Friday, Mar 7 Ross Gardler
Android and Java Developers: MS Open Tech has a SignalR SDK for You!
Today, Microsoft Open Technologies is releasing a SignalR software development kit for Android/Java developers. This SDK, available to the open source community on GitHub will give... More >
Thursday, Mar 6 Olivier Bloch
Beijing Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2014 Agenda
Beijing Interoperability ProtocolsPlugfest 2014 We are pleased to announce the agenda for the interoperability seminar will be hosted in Beijing, China in April 2014. Implementer... More >
Wednesday, Mar 5 Anne Fogarty
敬请期待北京互操作技术研讨会: 2014年4月1日 - 4月2日
微软互操作技术北京研讨会 2014年度 欢迎参加我们即将在北京召开的互操作技术研讨会! 在这里很荣幸地宣布新一届的互操作技术研讨会将于2014年4月在中国北京召开。 来自世界各地的互操作协议的实现者也将与微软互操作团队一起,出席此次在中国北京召开的为期2天的研讨会。 此次研讨会主要面向微软开放规范技术的开发人员。来自Office和Windows... More >
Wednesday, Mar 5 Jinghui Zhang
Save the Date for Beijing Plugfest April 1st - 2nd, 2014
Beijing Interoperability ProtocolsPlugfest 2014 Join Us for Our Next Interoperability Seminar in Beijing! We are pleased to announce the next interoperability seminar will be hos... More >
Monday, Mar 3 Anne Fogarty
Save the Date for Redmond Plugfest June 16th - 20th, 2014
Save the date! June 16th – June 20th, 2014 The Microsoft Interoperability teams are hosting a five day Plugfest at the Microsoft Redmond Campus 2014. The event is still in ... More >
Wednesday, Feb 26 Anne Fogarty
Kinect Common Bridge update
The newest release of Kinect Common Bridge makes it even easier to track faces and recognize speech in your C++ applications with Kinect for Windows. This is the first update to th... More >
Tuesday, Feb 25 Adalberto Foresti [MS OPEN TECH]
Vagrant and Hyper-V Provides Managed DevOps Work Environments
MS Open Technologies Inc. (MS Open Tech) has released code for Vagrant that brings initial Hyper-V support to this very popular DevOps tool. Vagrant managed work environments can b... More >
Monday, Feb 24 Ross Gardler
Extended DFS referral for SMB 3
This blog talks about site-aware DFS referral introduced in Windows Server 2012. Extended DFS referrals provide remote client computers with optimal DFS referrals when the computer... More >
Friday, Feb 21 Edgar A Olougouna
February 22 is International Open Data Day – Celebrate with our Tutorial or create your own!
Open Data Day Events around the world! Here at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. we have a lot of fun working with Open Source Software every day. For those who may be interested ... More >
Thursday, Feb 20 Brian Benz
February Updates to the Windows Azure Toolkit for Eclipse – SSL Support, plus new JDKs, Windows Azure configurations and more
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., has released the February preview of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Eclipse. This release includes multiple updates since our October 2013 release... More >
Monday, Feb 10 Brian Benz
Now Available through Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer: Azul Zulu OpenJDK Package for Windows
We have great news for Java developers planning to deploy the latest Azul Zulu OpenJDK v1.7 package on 64 bit Windows Server machines. Now you can automate the process using the Mi... More >
Friday, Feb 7 Brian Benz
New Open Source Portable Class Library for SQLite
Microsoft Open Technologies has released an interesting Portable Class Library for SQLite, offering .Net developers a single API for integrating SQLite across Windows Store, Window... More >
Monday, Feb 3 Olivier Bloch
Pointer Events Progress: Mozilla and Blink Communities Reach a Significant Engineering Milestone
As stated in the Blink 2014 goals, the Blink team considers Pointer Events as one of their priorities to improve the mobile Web platform experience. And it has recently shown evide... More >
Thursday, Jan 30 Adalberto Foresti [MS OPEN TECH]
Taipei Interoperability Seminar: March 25th - March 27th, 2014
Join Us for Our Next Interoperability Seminar in Taipei We are pleased to announce the next interoperability seminar will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan in March 2014. Implementers fr... More >
Wednesday, Jan 29 Tricia Simon
MS Open Tech is expanding into China!
Today I’m happy to report that Microsoft Open Technologies is expanding its presence to China with a new subsidiary – Microsoft Open Technologies (Shanghai) Company Limited (MS Ope... More >
Thursday, Jan 16 gianugo
Acceptance of Media Source Extensions as W3C Candidate Recommendation will accelerate adoption of dash.js
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. welcomes the news that the Media Source Extensions (MSE) specification has moved to Candidate Recommendation (CR) at the W3C. Media Source Extens... More >
Thursday, Jan 9 Ross Gardler
New release - Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces)
We are proud to announce the release of Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces), an open source project to help with the debugging of software from logs/traces, and the building of real-time ... More >
Monday, Jan 6 Ross Gardler
MPEG-DASH Tutorial: Embedding an adaptive streaming video within your HTML5 application
Poor quality streaming video solutions resulted in an estimated $2.16 Billion of lost revenue in 2012 (according to the 2013 Conviva Viewer Experience Report). That’s a LOT o... More >
Friday, Jan 3 Ross Gardler
MS Open Tech working with the ANGLE Project community to increase apps’ portability to Windows Devices
Microsoft Open Technologies is working with the ANGLE Project community to enable ANGLE in Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store apps. This will allow developers to reuse their existin... More >
Friday, Dec 20 Adalberto Foresti [MS OPEN TECH]
Windows Azure Provisioning of Linux and Windows via Puppet
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) is pleased to announce that the release of a new Windows Azure Puppet Module that makes it possible to provision both Linux and Win... More >
Wednesday, Dec 11 Ross Gardler
New Reactive Extension Support for JavaScript Developers – Compatibility Builds, a lite version, and other improvements in RxJS 2.2
From the Rx team, Claudio Caldato, Principal Program Manager Lead, MS Open Tech Snesha Foss, Senior Program Manager, MS Open Tech Kirk Shoop, Senior Software Developme... More >
Wednesday, Dec 11 Brian Benz
The MS Open Tech Hub releases Rx 2.2
From the Rx team: Claudio Caldato, Principal Program Manager Lead, MS Open Tech Snesha Foss, Senior Program Manager, MS Open Tech Kirk Shoop, Senior Software Development Engineer, ... More >
Thursday, Dec 5 Brian Benz
Exchange RPC Extractor v2.0 is now available!
The Office Interoperability Team is pleased to announce the release of RPX Version 2.0 (Microsoft Exchange RPC Extractor). RPX v2.0 empowers developers who are implementing the Mi... More >
Friday, Nov 8 .Michael Bowman. _
Exchange and Outlook Standards Feedback
Beginning in May 2013, Microsoft solicited community input regarding its support of the core and most commonly adopted email and calendaring standards in the next versions of Micro... More >
Tuesday, Nov 5 .Michael Bowman. _
我们非常高兴地宣布,微软互操作技术研讨会将于2013年12月10日,11日,12日在上海举行。这次面向中国的研讨会将会覆盖到Windows, Office, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server的互操作技术性议题, 并提供现场咨询和测试服务。 会议议题涉及: Office的文件格式及相容性; Windows网络协议的跨平台相容性... More >
Thursday, Oct 10 Jinghui Zhang
Message Analyzer
As interoperability relies mainly on the network interactionbetween systems and services, it is of the utmost importance to have toolshandy that can help analyze and understand the... More >
Thursday, Oct 10 Sebastian Canevari
GUIDs and Endianness: {Endi-an-ne-ssInGUID} OR idnE-na-en-ssInGUID?
Hi all! I have recently received a couple inquiries regarding theway in which GUIDs are represented, how they are stored, how they aretransferred over the wire and how endianness i... More >
Tuesday, Oct 8 Sebastian Canevari

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