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Learn Open Specifications and Interoperability

Find resources for creating interoperable solutions for Microsoft software, services, hardware, and
non-Microsoft products.

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To access the Pivot, you will need a Silverlight-compatible Windows operating system and browser installed with the most recent version of Microsoft Silverlight. If you still receive an error message to install Silverlight, you may be able to resolve the issue by following the instructions on this Microsoft Support page.

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Register Now for The Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest!
The registration is now open for the Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2014! Register for the Plugfest (Please click the green “Register” box on the rig... More >
Monday, Apr 14 Anne Fogarty
New Bing Translator Plugin lets users localize your WordPress site into the language of their choice
Good news for WordPress developers and webmasters! Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. has released a new Bing Translator plugin that lets you apply the power of Bing Translator to ... More >
Thursday, Apr 10 Brian Benz
Announcing the Exchange EWS, Exchange RPC, and SharePoint Test Suites!
Exchange EWS, Exchange RPC, and SharePoint Test Suites Open specifications are here to provide software developers with importantinformation that allows them to integrate their own... More >
Wednesday, Apr 9 Anne Fogarty
April Updates to the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse– Azure SDK 2.3, Tomcat 8, New Zulu versions, and more!
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., has now published the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse (by Microsoft Open Technologies) - April 2014 release. This update accompanies the release of Azu... More >
Monday, Apr 7 Brian Benz

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