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Learn Open Specifications and Interoperability

Find resources for creating interoperable solutions for Microsoft software, services, hardware, and non-Microsoft products.

Overview Posters

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Recommended Learning Content

Introduction to Open Specifications
Describes Open Specifications and provides a quick tour of the documents.

Introduction to SharePoint Interoperability
Provides key concepts and documentation resources for developing solutions that interoperate with SharePoint.

Get started with Windows Open Specifications
Outlines the major features, goals, and organization of the Windows Protocols documentation.

Exchange interoperability: Calendars
Describes the structural aspects of calendars and calendar items, and different ways to access them programmatically.

Office document format compatibility and extensibility
Discusses specific challenges in the evolution of the Microsoft Office file formats and highlights various Open XML extensibility mechanisms as potential solutions.

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Get started with interoperability | Open Specifications | MSDN

Test Suite support for MS-WOPI and the MS-FSSHTTP family of protocols is now available!
The Office Interoperability is excited to announce the availability of the SharePoint File Sync and WOPI protocol Test Suites. If you have implemented the MS-WOPI protocol or have ... More >
Tuesday, Sep 23 .Michael Bowman. _
Save the Dates for the Upcoming Year!
Save the dates for the upcoming events! The Microsoft Interoperability teams will be attending and hosting several events in the upcoming year. Events are still in the planning s... More >
Tuesday, Aug 19 Anne Fogarty
Announcing the Release of the RPC R2 Exchange Test Suites!
RPC R2 Exchange Test Suites The Office Interoperability team at Microsoft is very pleased to announce the release of the RPC R2 Exchange Test Suites. The Test Suites are now availa... More >
Monday, Aug 11 Anne Fogarty
Announcing the Exchange Active Sync Test Suites
Exchange Active Sync Test Suites It is with great pleasure that the Office Interoperability team announces the release of the Exchange Active Sync (EAS) Protocol Test Suites. The T... More >
Wednesday, Jul 23 Anne Fogarty