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Introducing Office 365 APIs Preview

Use single sign-on (SSO) for Office resources

Connect using REST and OAuth

Choose new APIs

The preview release of our new Office 365 APIs extend the platform that we introduced in Office 2013 to support the ability for both websites and native applications to consume Office 365 data.

Office 365 APIs Preview graphic

The story of apps

What are apps for SharePoint?

Apps are small, easy-to-use, stand-alone applications that solve a need for your users or business.

Site owners can install, upgrade, and uninstall them on their SharePoint sites without farm or site collection admins.

What are apps for Office?

Apps are web applications that extend what a document, email message, or meeting request can do in Office.

Run them in multiple environments like Office desktop applications, Office Online, and mobile browsers—in the cloud or on your site.

Why create apps

Build a new class of solutions with the App Model

Extend the way you create and use information from Office and SharePoint.

Deploy and maintain apps faster in the cloud

Use any hosting services to run and deploy them.

Use skills you have and tools you already know

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or .NET, and web dev tools like Visual Studio.

Publish apps to your own app catalog

Or sell them in the Office Store.