Office 365 APIs Preview

Office 365 APIs extend the Office 2013 platform through REST APIs and standard OAuth flows so that websites and native applications running on Windows 8, iOS, Android, and other device platforms can consume Office 365 data.

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It's much simpler to write code for the Office apps store because we get to use the skills we already have being web native developers. And that means we can reach every version of Office from here on out with the same code that we already write for all major web browers.

- Poll Everywhere, Office 365 Partner

Apps for Office

An app for Office is a webpage you build and host inside an Office client application to extend what your document, spreadsheet, or email message can do.

Run them in:

  • Office desktop clients
  • Office Online
  • Mobile browsers

Apps for SharePoint

Apps for SharePoint are easy-to-use, lightweight web applications that extend what your SharePoint website can do.

Use them as:

  • Immersive full-page experiences
  • Parts of a web page
  • UI custom actions


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