MSDN Magazine January 2009
January2009 January 2009
First Look: WCF And WF Services In The .NET Framework 4.0 And “Dublin”
We explore some of the key new WCF and WF features in .NET Framework 4.0 as well as the new application server capabilities provided by the “Dublin” extensions. Aaron Skonnard
Geneva Framework: Building A Custom Security Token Service
A Security Token Service, or STS, acts as a security gateway to authenticate callers and issue security tokens carrying claims that describe the caller. See how you can build a custom STS with the “Geneva” Framework. Michele Leroux Bustamante
Silverlight: Build Line-Of-Business Enterprise Apps With Silverlight, Part 1
Take a walk through the creation of a call center client application to learn how to build real-world enterprise solutions using Silverlight. Hanu Kommalapati
Windows Mobile: Use GPS And Web Maps For Location-Aware Apps
We show you how to build a location-aware task list application for Windows Mobile devices that uses GPS to remind you of a task when and where it’s appropriate. Christopher Mitchell
VSTS 2010: Agile Planning Tools In Visual Studio Team System 2010
Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010 introduces product backlog and iteration backlog workbooks and reports that will help agile teams plan and manage releases and iterations. Ajoy Krishnamoorthy
ASP.NET Workflow: Web Apps That Support Long-Running Operations
Integrating workflow into ASP.NET applications means communicating with activities via a workflow queue and hosting the runtime in the global application class. We’ll show you how. Michael Kennedy

Editor's Note: A Look Back As We Move Forward
Here’s a look at a year’s worth of coverage and changes at MSDN Magazine in response to reader requests. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: C# JavaScript, Eric Lippert’s Blog, And More
Writing your JavaScript code in C# and having it converted, Eric Lippert’s programming blog, and reading up on T-SQL 2008. Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: Best Practices For Managed And Native Code Interoperability
There are many factors to consider when building your app with both managed and native code. Find out how to employ interop and how to choose the interop that’s right for you. Jesse Kaplan
Basic Instincts: Inspecting COM Objects With Reflection
Reflection is useful for debugging and logging and otherwise providing the type information you need. Here you’ll see how to use reflection on COM types. Lucian Wischik
Cutting Edge: Managing Dynamic Content Delivery In Silverlight, Part 1
This month Dino tackles the problem of large download size for Silverlight applications, explaining when to use streaming, when to divide the download, and other techniques for better performance over the wire. Dino Esposito
Test Run: Analyzing Project Exposure And Risk Using PERIL
Here James McCaffrey uses some statistical methods and a technique he calls PERIL to estimate risks to software projects involving timing, costs, and other potential resource shortfalls. Dr. James McCaffrey
Service Station: An Introduction To RESTful Services With WCF
We discuss some of the basic tenets of REST as well as present an implementation of a RESTful service using WCF. Jon Flanders
Security Briefs: Getting Started With The SDL Threat Modeling Tool
The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) threat modeling tool helps you develop great threat models as a backbone of your security process. We'll show you how it works. Adam Shostack
Extreme ASP.NET: Routing with ASP.NET Web Forms
See how to get the benefits of rerouting while alleviating the risks with this in-depth look at URL rewriting in ASP.NET. Scott Allen
Foundations: Easily Apply Transactions To Services
Managing state and error recovery using transactions is the topic of this month’s installment of Foundations. Juval Lowy
Net Matters: Round-Robin Access To The ThreadPool
Stephen Toub shows you how to add round-robin scheduling support on top of the ThreadPool for more granular processing control. Stephen Toub
Usability in Practice: When Things Go Wrong
This month our usability experts explain what it takes to create informative, useful error messages. Dr. Charles Kreitzberg and Ambrose Little
{ End Bracket }: The Emergence Of Machine Translation
Vikram Dendi looks at how machine translation is poised to change the world and why it is so important to deliver information in multiple languages. Vikram Dendi
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