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Hierarchy ID: Model Your Data Hierarchies With SQL Server 2008
Here we explain how the new hierarchyID data type in SQL Server 2008 helps solve some of the problems in modeling and querying hierarchical information. Kent Tegels
Prism: Patterns For Building Composite Applications With WPF
We introduce you to the benefits of building composite applications with the Composite Application Guidance for WPF from Microsoft patterns & practices. Glenn Block
Data Services: Create Data-Centric Web Applications With Silverlight 2
ADO.NET Data Services provide Web-accessible endpoints that allow you to filter, sort, shape, and page data without having to build that functionality yourself. Shawn Wildermuth
Advanced WPF: Understanding Routed Events And Commands In WPF
See how routed events and routed commands in Windows Presentation Foundation form the basis for communication between the parts of your UI. Brian Noyes
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Editor's Note: Hanging Onto The Long Tail
Technology changes at a lightning-fast pace. This month Howard Dierking considers how the rapid changes affect developer priorities and magazine focus. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: Easy LINQ Queries, Becoming A Better Developer, And Logging Help
This month Toolbox provides help with error logging, finds an app that helps you write LINQ queries, and explores the non-technical side of development. Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: Unhandled Exception Processing In The CLR
In this installment of CLR Inside Out Gaurav Khanna explains everything you need to know about unhandled exception processing in the .NET Framework. Gaurav Khanna
Data Points: Service-Driven Apps With Silverlight 2 And WCF
Here John Papa demonstrates how to build a Silverlight 2 user interface that communicates through WCF to interact with business entities and a database. John Papa
Advanced Basics: The LINQ Enumerable Class, Part 2
This month Ken digs deeper into the System.Linq.Enumerable class and shows readers how to perform some magic data operations using System.Linq.Enumerable. Ken Getz
Office Space: Custom Auditing In SharePoint
Learn how to enable an auditing solution for Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 with customized control pages in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. Ted Pattison
Cutting Edge: Building A Secure AJAX Service Layer
This month Dino builds a service layer that authenticates users of Silverlight 2 and ASP.NET AJAX services to prevent illegal access to sensitive back-end services. Dino Esposito
Test Run: Configuration Testing With Virtual Server, Part 1
This time James McCaffrey sets up a virtual environment to use for configuration testing to introduce you to software configuration testing with Microsoft Virtual Server Dr. James McCaffrey
Security Briefs: SDL Embraces The Web
In this installment we introduce you to new Web-oriented security guidance and tools straight from the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) team at Microsoft. Bryan Sullivan
Foundations: Dependency Properties And Notifications
Windows Presentation Foundation dependency properties don’t always play well with others. Learn how you can compensate for their lack of notification events. Charles Petzold
{ End Bracket }: A New Era In Visual Simulation
The ESP simulation engine, the basis for Microsoft Flight Simulator, handles visual rendering, physics, sound, and other virtual world capabilities. Take a look inside. Todd Landstad
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