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Office Apps: Integrate VSTO with SharePoint Content Types
See how to build a document-level Visual Studio Tools for Office customization and integrate it with a content type in SharePoint. Steve Fox
MOSS 2007: Automate Web App Deployment with the SharePoint API
Learn how to automate custom SharePoint application deployments, use the SharePoint API, and avoid the hassle of custom site definitions. E. Wilansky, P. Olszewski, and R. Sneddon
C++ Plus: Beef Up Windows Apps with the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack
Kenny Kerr sings the praises of the new Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack, which brings modern conveniences to Visual C++. Kenny Kerr
Security: Safer Authentication with a One-Time Password Solution
One-time passwords offer solutions to dictionary attacks, phishing, interception, and lots of other security breaches. Here's how it all works. Dan Griffin
Alphabet Soup: A Survey of .NET Languages And Paradigms
Here we present a rundown of the various language paradigms of CLR-based languages via short language introductions and code samples. Joel Pobar
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Editor's Note: I Want to Believe
Editor-in-Chief Howard Dierking explains why it's wise to consider Microsoft Office a development platform, even though developers typically don't. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: Database Audit Logs, Joel on Software, Code Handouts, and More
This month the Toolbox column takes a look at database logging, Joel Spolsky's blog, printing code projects, and ASP.NET reading. Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: Measure Early and Often for Performance, Part 2
In the second of a two-part series, Vance Morrison delves into the meaning of performance measurements, explaining what the numbers mean to you. Vance Morrison
Data Points: Entity Framework Q&A
The Entity Framework is a hot topic, but how do you know when to use EntityClient, Object Services, Entity SQL, or LINQ? Find out here. John Papa
Cutting Edge: Single-page Interface and AJAX Patterns
This month we begin a look at the Single Page Interface (SPI) model and some design patterns for designing AJAX applications. Dino Esposito
Test Run: Request/Response Testing with Windows PowerShell
Did you know you can use Windows PowerShell to perform lightweight request/response testing for an ASP.NET Web app? Here's how. Dr. James McCaffrey
Office Space: From VBA Macro to Word Add-in
See how to use Word to capture a VBA macro and use Visual Studio Tools for Office to wrap it up into a deployable Word add-in. Robert Bogue
Wicked Code: Silverlight Page Turning Made Simple
As we'll show, with just a few lines of JavaScript you can build a general-purpose framework for incorporating page turns into Silverlight 1.0 apps. Jeff Prosise
Foundations: Loading Workflow Models in WF
When building workflows, you must consider the developer experience, available tools, long-term maintenance, and future versioning. Matt Milner
Security Briefs: Penetration Testing
In this installment of Security Briefs, James Whittaker explains the rules and the pitfalls of penetration testing so you'll know how to avoid them. James A. Whittaker
Team System: Team Foundation Server Event Service
Use the Team Foundation Server EventService to create and manage event subscriptions or create a Web service to receive and process events. Brian A. Randell
{ End Bracket }: Rich and Reach Applications
Rich or reach, rich or thin, thick or fat? Thus went the battle over how much functionality a client should have. Here's how it all turned out. Terry Crowley
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