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New Stuff: Resources for Your Developer Toolbox
Theresa W. Carey

.NET Installations

InstallShield       InstallShield Software Corporation has released its InstallShield Developer 7 (Service Pack 4) authoring solution, which is now fully integrated into Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET so you can create Microsoft .NET-based installations directly from within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE. Current users of InstallShield Developer will not need to purchase a new product to obtain the enhanced integration. InstallShield allows developers to create, modify, and build setups through Visual Studio .NET menu options, as well as dynamically link Visual Studio .NET application projects to the setup using project wizards.
      Developer is integrated with the Visual Studio .NET navigational elements, and the installation authoring views are presented as standard windows in the main development interface. Views are visible without scrolling, and side-by-side viewing of installation information and source code is enabled. Installations automatically adjust to the build configuration selected for the particular application solution, ensuring appropriate debug or release resources are included each time.

Generate Code from ASP-style Scripts

Visual Code-Generator       Visual Code-Generator, recently released by Liquid Technologies Limited, allows you to generate code from ASP-style scripts. Visual Code-Generator acts as a preprocessor, but instead of generating HTML, it outputs the source code for your project using your chosen platform and language, including C++, .NET, Visual Basic®, SQL, COBOL, Java, and others. The program is ideal for projects containing large numbers of repetitive entities such as business objects, database tables, or XML elements. Visual Code-Generator's benefits include maximizing code reuse, minimizing coding errors, and reducing coding time. The product includes support for both VBScript and JavaScript, a comprehensive IDE which provides syntax highlighting, and script properties that can be persisted and reloaded next time the code is generated.

Incident Management System

Elsinore       Elsinore Technologies recently released Visual Intercept Enterprise Suite 3.0, an enterprise incident management solution. Like the desktop version of Visual Intercept Enterprise, the Web product now incorporates all administrative and incident-to-incident functions. Visual Intercept Web 3.0, a key component of the Visual Enterprise suite, features enhanced search capabilities, Windows-style menus and toolbars, user preferences, and a context-sensitive help system.
      Visual Intercept Web 3.0 includes a style sheet-based interface that users can tailor to the layout or naming conventions of their business model. XML rule sets extract data and transform it to the appropriate style sheet. The product also incorporates a Web-based strings dictionary that facilitates globalization and customization, Web-based graphing and reporting, and column sorting.

Browser-based Load Testing

      OpenDemand Systems Inc. is now shipping OpenLoad 2.0, which allows developers to test, measure, and evaluate performance characteristics of a site prior to going live. OpenLoad 2.0 is a completely browser-based application that simulates Web users and generates real-time results. The product can perform multi-user tests that model how systems would work in real-world conditions. OpenLoad supports recording from within the user's native browser, which enables it to capture all of the requested objects within a page and visually map out the parent-child relationships of the various components that make up a page view request.
      The tool also has the ability to automatically identify the type of object requested and provide detailed views of requested header information to allow for the verification and debugging of the raw HTTP exchange. The product's automated test configuration eliminates scripting by providing menu-driven options that allow users to run data-driven load tests without having to invest time in learning another programming language.

Automate Repetitive Development Tasks

Alphora       Alphora has announced the general availability of Dataphor, a development toolset that automates many of the repetitive tasks traditionally associated with the application development process. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, Dataphor combines relational concepts with advanced data management practices to deliver an Automated Application Development foundation. Based on the given data model, Dataphor dynamically derives user interfaces and enforces business rules. This allows developers to focus on what it is they are modeling and shields them from the limitations and diversity of existing data sources. The Alphora Dataphor toolset consists of the Dataphor Data Access Engine, which is a virtual RDBMS that employs relational technology.

Scan To a SQL Database

SearchExpress       Executive Technologies Inc. recently announced the release of SearchExpress/SQL Document Imaging, which lets users scan documents to a Microsoft SQL Server™ database and retrieve the documents ranked by relevancy. In addition, SearchExpress lets users recognize documents with OCR and describe documents with metadata such as Date and Title. The scanned images, metadata, and any OCR-recognized text are stored inside the SQL Server database. SearchExpress clients use their browser to search and display the scanned documents. SearchExpress also provides Boolean search techniques for both index fields and the OCR text of documents. Word rooting is also provided.

Web-based Data Collection

Principia       Principia Products recently published its Web-based data collection product, Remark Web Survey version 2.0, which allows users to create and administer interactive forms on the Internet or an intranet. Designed to promote easy creation of surveys, tests, registrations, and other electronic forms, the program includes a form design wizard, which allows for the addition of questions, graphics, lines, fonts, colors, and many other form properties. Users can access all the data collected on the Web server through Remark Web Survey, and they can analyze the information in the program using Remark Quick Stats or export it to over 35 different formats.

Free .NET E-mail Component

Quiksoft       Quiksoft Corporation has announced the availability of FreeSMTP.Net, a free .NET component that enables application developers to send Internet e-mail from their .NET applications. FreeSMTP.Net is fully managed code written completely in C#. The fully SMTP-compliant component supports text and HTML message bodies, unlimited recipients, international character sets, unlimited attachments, automatic MIME encoding, progress monitoring, custom headers, message queuing, file logging, message priorities, and integration with the dynamic help system in Visual Studio .NET. FreeSMTP.Net is a subset of EasyMail .Net edition, which includes more SMTP features as well as POP3, IMAP4, and parsing support.

The Bookshelf

Apress       Apress announces the release of Database Programming with C# by Carsten Thomsen. This book shows readers how to connect to SQL Server using any of the three .NET data providers. Highlights include step-by-step coverage of C# development in ADO.NET and classic ADO, complete and thorough coverage of relational databases, LDAP, Message Queuing, server-side processing, and the SQLXML 2.0 SQL Server plug-in, and a bonus tear-out reference card of the ADO.NET object model. The sample code shows readers how to connect to and manipulate data, this time in My SQL 3.23.45 or later, Oracle 8i or later, Microsoft Access 2000 or later, and SQL Server. The book takes developers through all the data access features of Visual Studio .NET using C#, including the creation of tables, constraints, projects, stored procedures, views, triggers, and more. To read more about Database Programming with C# and author Carsten Thomsen, or to view a complete table of contents and sample chapter, visit
PDSA       PDSA Inc., a developer of software applications and a provider of Web development and training services, has announced the release of their first e-book for system and software developers entitled Architecting ASP.NET Applications. The book, available totally online, instructs readers on how to build a framework for ASP.NET applications. The book is written specifically for developers who have read books and white papers on ASP.NET, but are still not sure how to design an ASP.NET Web application. The author suggests that before developers embark on an ASP.NET project, they should take the time to plan a base framework that can work for all their Web applications. Chapters cover a data handler class, a Web configuration class, an error logging and user tracking class, and more. Check it out at

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Theresa W. Carey is a freelance writer who lives in California. Her byline has appeared in Barron's and PC World.

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