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From the June 2001 issue of MSDN Magazine.
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All Your Catchphrase

All your base class are belong to us.

There. Now we've said it too. Even modified it for our readers. Are you happy now? Now can we put this damn quote to rest? It wasn't funny the first time, when it was forwarded to us, fourth-hand, from some guy who signed his name "Chimpy." Not the 20th time, when Wired picked up on it after reading about it in USA Today and Time. Not the 400th time, when our parents sent it to us. At this rate, it's only 15 more years before Ziggy's reflection says "All your base are belong to us" as it stares back at him during their bizarre morning shaving ritual. Yeesh. Sometimes, the Internet just sucks all the fun out of life.
      But it doesn't have to be that way! Instead of repeating the daily catchphrases of others, we need to band together as geeks and develop our own pointless, yet slightly catchy mantras.
      "You forgot shoes tiger!"
      "Many years ago put the CD in right-side up."
      "Over my dead domain!"
      Now comes the fun part. Just repeat these phrases randomly, meaninglessly, in e-mail. Send copies to your parents, who will think that they're a goofy Internet joke they don't quite get. Are you in? Good. Our plan is working to perfection. Now, we just change them a little bit—almost undetectably—and we've created a commercial powerhouse.
      "You forgot shoes tiger! Subscribe to MSDN Magazine now, please."
      See how easy it is to go from obscure Internet non-joke to mainstream culture in the space of a single editor's note?
      But on to more cheerful news. In the past few months, we've asked a lot of you what you want to see in the magazine. Unfortunately, we're not in a position to include more nudity, but we did listen to your second and third options. Starting this issue, we're introducing two (well, one and a half) new columns.
      Longtime columnist Ken Spencer is taking on a new challenge, the MSDN Magazine Advanced Basics column. Eight times a year, Ken will be writing all about Visual Basic in its various incarnations, showing how to get the most out of the language, and guiding you through the intricacies of moving up to Visual Basic.NET.
      One thing readers have told us over and over they want is more information on data management. People who never dreamed of getting within 100 miles of SQL five years ago are now thrust headfirst into the strange world of INSERT and INNER JOIN. So this month the other new column we're launching, Data Points, will look at the world of ADO, SQL Server, ODBC, ADO.NET, and anything else you might find in the murky underworld of data access. Johnny Papa, a frequent contributor and famous author, will do the honors six times a year.
      You're probably thinking right now, "Between the fake quotes and the column news, this is all very interesting. But what I really want to know is what's going on at Tech�Ed!" Well, your prayers have been answered.
      We hope to see you at Tech�Ed this year ( This'll be the ninth year we're attending, and it gets better each time. The content is looking great this year. If you remember last year's show, it was held a month before the .NET Frameworks announcement. So this year most of the content will be completely new. Tech�Ed 2001 has been built around ten tracks (see MSDN Update on page 160 for more). This year's show network, the CommNet, will be accessible by anyone who brings a laptop with an 802.11b network card. They're wiring up the joint just for us! And if that's not enough, remember Tech�Ed will be held in Atlanta for the first time. Lots of exciting events are planned, from a big party at the Georgia Dome to something mysteriously called "ancillary events."
      We were at the first Tech�Ed in 1992, back at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel. Were you there? Hmmm? We're looking for people's best Tech�Ed memories. If you've been to a few shows, and any events or happenings stand out in your mind, drop us a line at If we get some good stories, we might reprint them in a future issue. And remember, many years ago put the CD in right-side up!

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