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Last month we were talking about the spread of a computer virus when, to several readers' mock horror, we used the word "virii." We were called foolish and worse, because "virii" isn't a real Latin word. Some people even sent us links to instructional Latin Web sites, presumably so we could sit down and teach ourselves a dead language just in case we feel like pluralizing "virus" at some point in the future. Look, we were on deadline. We used the word "virii" because, at the time, it sounded perfectly cromulent. Are we going to fix it? Over our dead domains! After all, didn't Caesar once say "Veni, vedi, virii"â€" "I came, I saw, I opened an email attachment?"

MSDN Magazine, the CD

MSDN Magazine 2000 CD-ROM       You've enjoyed MSDN Magazine's unique blend of articles and columns for this entire century. We've heard from many of you that you keep a library of your magazines for years. However, we've also received lots of requests for a compact form of the magazine that can be carried everywhere you go. While we feel that lugging around a box full of magazines is really a small price to pay to maintain your MSDN Magazine collection, not all of you concur. So, for a limited time (through June 15, 2001), we're offering copies of the entire magazine for the year 2000 on a CDâ€"for the price of shipping and handling.
      If you'd like to personally own this cherished keepsake, just go to and order one today! And remember, the end of the school year is fast approaching. These CDs are sure to be snatched up by parents who are looking for a cheap, last-minute graduation gift for Juniorâ€"one that says "Son, we'd like to suggest a future career for you."

MSDN, the Book

      You've probably looked at MSDN Magazine content and thought to yourself, "Wow, these guys could fill books with their great content." That day will come sooner than you expect. We're teaming up with our colleagues in MSDN and Microsoft Press to create a series of up-to-the-minute books for programmers. The first book in the MSDN Book Series, titled The Microsoft .NET Framework, will be released in April 2001â€"just about the time you read this. These books are geared toward advanced developers who want the latest in-depth information about initiatives, languages, and products that are important to the future of Microsoft. Titles in this series are based on hot topics of interest found on the MSDN and Web sites, as well as in MSDN Magazine.
Microsoft Press

      What does all this mean for you? It means you now have another way to get the most complete information available about Microsoft products and technologies. In our first books in this series, we're delivering the most up-to-date information you can find about Microsoft .NET technologies: the .NET Framework, Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, and C#. If you want to be the first kid on your block to find out more about these books (pictured left), you can read all about them at

From the May 2001 issue of MSDN Magazine

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