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Roll Your Own: Create a Language Compiler for the .NET Framework
Joel Pobar presents an introduction to how compilers work and how you can write your own compiler to target the .NET Framework. Joel Pobar
WinUnit: Simplified Unit Testing for Native C++ Applications
Maria Blees introduces WinUnit, a handy new unit testing tool for native C++ projects. Maria Blees
Silverlight: Create a Custom Expression Encoder Publishing Plug-In
Laurence Moroney demonstrates how to employ the Expression Encoder plug-in APIs by building and debugging a simple FTP upload plug-in. Laurence Moroney
PIAB And WCF: Integrating the Policy Injection Application Block with WCF Services
Using the PIAB you can enhance WCF services with policies such as validation, performance monitoring, authorization and caching without having to change a line of code. Hugh Ang and David San Filippo
WF How-To: Building State Machines with Windows Workflow Foundation
State Machine workflows represent a different way of visualizing program logic. Rather than flowing from activity to activity like sequential workflows, State Machines transition from state to state. Learn about uses for State machines and see how to design and build a State Machine workflow with Windows Workflow Foundation. Keith Pijanowski
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Editor's Note: Overcoming Language Barriers with Elegant Design
This month Howard Dierking explains why the choice of a programming language can be a personal one. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: Powerful Text Editing, Web Testing in .NET, Extended Unit Testing, and More
Powerful Text Editing, Web Testing in .NET, Extended Unit Testing, and More James Avery
CLR Inside Out: Dynamic Languages and Silverlight
DLRConsole gives you an interactive environment for playing with dynamic languages in Silverlight. Jimmy Schementi
Basic Instincts: XML Programming in Visual Basic 9.0
With Visual Basic 9.0, working with XML gets much easier for developers. Here's a look at some of the new features, including LINQ support, XML literals, embedded expressions, XML properties, and XML Schema IntelliSense. Jonathan Aneja
Data Points: Designing an Entity Data Model
With the Entity Framework, developers are given more flexibility by being able to design around a conceptual model rather than a relational data model. To get started, you need to know how to design an Entity Data Model. John Papa walks you through that process. John Papa
Cutting Edge: Customize Controls with AJAX Extenders, Part 2
This month Dino looks at AJAX control extenders again, adding more advanced features including masked editing and autocompletion. Dino Esposito
Office Space: Security Programming in SharePoint 2007
This month Ted Pattison presents an overview of programming security and permissions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Ted Pattison
Test Run: The Microsoft UI Automation Library
James McCaffrey shows you how to get started with UI test automation using the new Microsoft UI Automation library. Dr. James McCaffrey
Foundations: What's New for WCF in Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 provide new tools and support that extends Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Visual Studio 2008 also automates a number of manual WCF tasks for the developer as well. Juval Lowy
.NET Matters: Stream Pipeline
This month Stephen Toub explains how to make the most of dual processors when running encryption and compression tasks. Stephen Toub
{ End Bracket }: Finding the Best of the Best
Passion, intelligence, and the love of learning exemplify the ideal Microsoft candidate. Howard Dierking explores these and other recruiting philosophies. Howard Dierking
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