Creating the Publication
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Creating the Publication

Creating the Publication

You create publications for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) by using standard SQL Server replication tools and techniques. The easiest way to create a publication is by using the Create Publication Wizard. For more information, see "Replication Wizards" in SQL Server Books Online.

When you create a publication for SQL Server CE Subscribers by using the Create Publication Wizard, it is important to select the following options:

  • On the Select Publication Type page, select Merge publication.
  • On the Specify Subscriber Types page, select the Devices running SQL Server CE check box.

By selecting Devices running Windows CE, the following options are automatically configured for the publication:

  • Support for anonymous subscriptions
  • Character mode snapshot

If you use dynamic filters, SQL Server CE requires that you use the optimize synchronization option. Set this option by using either the Create Publication Wizard or the stored procedure sp_addmergepublication. For more information about this and other SQL Server CE replication limitations, see Replication Limitations.

If this is the first publication created for this server, the Create Publication Wizard prompts you to configure the snapshot folder location. The snapshot folder holds the snapshot files that contain the schema and data for published tables. The SQL Server CE Replication Provider must be able to read these snapshot files so it can download the files to the Windows CE-based device.

Note  The snapshot folder location defaults to an administrative share (for example, C$); you should use an explicit share instead of the default because the administrative share can be accessed only by an administrator account. For more information, see Configuring an Explicit Snapshot Folder.

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