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Retrieves a pointer to the requested interface.

static HRESULT InternalQueryInterface( 
   void* pThis,
   const _ATL_INTMAP_ENTRY* pEntries,
   REFIID iid,
   void** ppvObject  


[in] A pointer to the object that contains the COM map of interfaces exposed to QueryInterface.


[in] A pointer to the _ATL_INTMAP_ENTRY structure that accesses a map of available interfaces.


[in] The GUID of the interface being requested.


[out] A pointer to the interface pointer specified in iid, or NULL if the interface is not found.

One of the standard HRESULT values.

InternalQueryInterface only handles interfaces in the COM map table. If your object is aggregated, InternalQueryInterface does not delegate to the outer unknown. You can enter interfaces into the COM map table with the macro COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY or one of its variants.

Header: atlcom.h

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