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How to: Change Excel Properties Using Visual Studio Project Automation

Note Required applications

The features in this topic are available only if you have the required applications installed.

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  • One of these development environments:

    VSTO 2005


    Visual Studio Team System

  • Microsoft Office 2003

This example changes a Microsoft Office Excel 2003 worksheet property to rename the worksheet.


Sub ChangeProperties()
    ' Find the Visual Studio Tools for Office project.
    Dim vstProject As Project = DTE.Solution.Item(1)

    ' Find the Excel workbook.
    Dim docItem As ProjectItem = _

    ' Find and rename the worksheet.
    Dim sheetItem As ProjectItem = _
    Dim sheetProperties As Properties = sheetItem.Properties
    sheetProperties.Item("VST.FileName").Value = "RenamedSheet.vb"
End Sub

Compiling the Code

This example requires:

  • An Excel Workbook project in Visual Basic named ChangeProperties. The project must be the first project in the solution.

  • A worksheet named Sheet1.vb in the workbook.

Robust Programming

Add the code to a module in the Visual Studio Macros integrated development environment (IDE).

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