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CodeModel2.IsCaseSensitive Property

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Gets a value indicating whether the current language is case-sensitive.

Namespace:  EnvDTE80
Assembly:  EnvDTE80 (in EnvDTE80.dll)

bool IsCaseSensitive { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean
A Boolean that is true if the current language is case-sensitive; otherwise, false.


The values of code model elements such as classes, structs, functions, attributes, delegates, and so forth can be non-deterministic after making certain kinds of edits, meaning that their values cannot be relied upon to always remain the same. For more information, see the section Code Model Element Values Can Change in Discovering Code by Using the Code Model (Visual Basic).

public void IsCaseSensitiveExample(DTE2 dte)
    // Before running this example, open a solution that contains one 
    // or more projects.
    string msg = "";
    foreach (Project proj in dte.Solution.Projects)
        if (proj.CodeModel.IsCaseSensitive)
            msg += proj.Name + " uses a case-sensitive language" + 
            msg += proj.Name + " uses a case-insensitive language" + 

    // Display the case-sensitivity of the solution's projects.

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