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Retrieves the access-control list (ACL) entries from the CAcl object.

void GetAclEntries( 
   CSid::CSidArray * pSids, 
   CAccessMaskArray * pAccessMasks = NULL, 
   CAceTypeArray * pAceTypes = NULL, 
   CAceFlagArray * pAceFlags = NULL 
) const throw(...);


A pointer to an array of CSid objects.


The access masks.


The access-control entry (ACE) types.


The ACE flags.

This method fills the array parameters with the details of every ACE object contained in the CAcl object. Use NULL when the details for that particular array are not required.

The contents of each array correspond to each other, that is, the first element of the CAccessMaskArray array corresponds to the first element in the CSidArray array, and so on.

See ACE_HEADER for more details on ACE types and flags.

Header: atlsecurity.h

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