Many NFP technologies (such as NFC) must poll in order to detect the presence of proximate devices and tags. When required, polling must be done in a power-efficient way and it must be done often enough that the NFP technology appears responsive to the user.

Required Actions

If the NFP technology must poll, the polling MUST be done in hardware without waking any of the PC’s CPUs unless a proximate device or tag is detected. Also, the polling rate MUST be at least 2 times per second (every 500 ms). The recommended polling rate is 4-5 times per

It is expected that the power usage of the proximity provider meets the standard system logo requirements of the system it is attached to. NFC in particular will have very low power usage, even when actively polling. However, in order to save even more power, it’s recommended that all NFP providers go to a very low power state whenever there are no subscriptions or publications, or when all subscriptions and publications are all disabled.



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