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This test measures checks the ability of a driver to set a specified DMA (Direct Memory Access) timing mode for a device. The test checks that the driver can do so while I/O is pending without corrupting the transfer.

Before running this test, make sure that any volumes on fixed disks are formatted and writeable.

Test details


Associated requirements


See the device hardware requirements.


Windows 7 (x64)
Windows 7 (x86)
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows 8 (x86)
Windows Server 2012 (x64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
Windows Server 2008 x64
Windows Server 2008 x86
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 8.1 x86
Windows Server 2012 R2

Expected run time

~90 minutes





Running the test

Before you run the test, complete the test setup as described in the test requirements: Hard Disk Drive Testing Prerequisites.

This test requires a system with at least one ATA/ATAPI device to run. If a system is using the PCIIDE minidriver, the system fails all DMA variations except for PIO4 and the mode that the device was running at start time because the generic driver does not know which registers to use to set up timing modes. The test requires a CD with data be inserted in all CD or DVD drives connected to the controller, and will prompt on the client machine if this is not the case.


For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting Device.Storage Testing.

More information

This test checks the ability of a driver to set a specified DMA (Direct Memory Access) timing mode for a device. For all devices in the system, the DMA test attempts to set all timing modes supported by the device. There are three variations: highest mode to lowest mode; lowest mode to highest mode; and lowest mode to highest mode with a pause (the default is 20,000 milliseconds) between variations. The test also runs multi-threaded file I/O in the background, runs file I/O with copy from each available source to each valid destination, compares the copied data, and reports passes or failures based on the compare function.

The DMA test is an automated test designed to ensure that ATA/ATAPI storage drivers correctly time devices as specified by the user or the system. If the system has a controller that supports ULTRADMA 3 or faster, you must attach an 80-pin cable for accurate results.



Parameter Description


The device instance ID.

Command syntax


Command Description

DMATest.exe /ng /deviceinstance:"[WDKDeviceID]" /logo

Runs the test.

For command line help for this test binary, type /h.

File list


File Location



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