The !usb3kd.hub_info_from_fdo command displays information about a hub in the USB 3.0 tree.

!usb3kd.hub_info_from_fdo DeviceObject



Address of the functional device object (FDO) that represents the hub.




You can get the address of the FDO from the output of !usb_tree or from a variety of other debugger commands. For example, the !devstack command displays the address of the FDO. In the following example, the address of the FDO is fffffa800597a660.

3: kd> !devnode 0 1 usbhub3
Dumping IopRootDeviceNode (= 0xfffffa8003609cc0)
DevNode 0xfffffa8005981730 for PDO 0xfffffa8004ffc550
3: kd> !devstack 0xfffffa8004ffc550
  !DevObj   !DrvObj            !DevExt   ObjectName
  fffffa800597a660  \Driver\USBHUB3    fffffa8005ad92d0  
> fffffa8004ffc550  \Driver\USBXHCI    fffffa8005251d00  USBPDO-0

Now you can pass the address of the FDO to the !usb3kd.hub_info_from_fdo command.

 3: kd> !hub_info_from_fdo fffffa800597a660

Dumping HUB Information fffffa800597a660
dt USBHUB3!_HUB_FDO_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005ad92d0
!rcdrlogdump usbhub3 -a 0xfffffa8005ad8010
Capabilities: Initialized, Configured, HasOverCurrentProtection, SelectiveSuspendSupportedByParentStack, CannotWakeOnConnect, NotArmedForWake

Total number of ports: 4, HUB depth is 0
Number of 3.0 ports: 2 (Range 1 - 2)
Number of 2.0 ports: 2 (Range 3 - 4)

    dt _USB_HUB_DESCRIPTOR 0xfffffa8005ad9728
    dt _USB_30_HUB_DESCRIPTOR 0xfffffa8005ad9728
    dt _USB_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR 0xfffffa8005ad92d0
    dt _USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR 0xfffffa8005ad9770

List of PortContext: 4
    [1] !port_info 0xfffffa8005a5ca80    !device_info 0xfffffa8005b410c0
            Last Port Status(2.0): Connected Enabled Powered HighSpeedDeviceAttached
            Last Port Change: <none>
            Current Port(2.0) State: ConnectedEnabled.WaitingForPortChangeEvent
            Current Device State: ConfiguredInD0

Current Hub State: ConfiguredWithIntTransfer

Hub State History: <Event> NewState (<Operation>(),..) :

    [43] <OperationSuccess> ConfiguredWithIntTransfer 

Hub Event History:
    [ 0] PortEnableInterruptTransfer

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