Strict Priority Algorithm

Strict priority is a transmission selection algorithm (TSA) that is specified in the IEEE 802.1Q-2005 standard. This standard is part of the framework for the IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging (DCB) interface.

When the network adapter employs the strict priority TSA, it selects packets for transmission based solely on the packet's specified IEEE 802.1p priority level. As a result, packets with higher priority levels are always transmitted before packets with lower priority levels.

The miniport driver specifies its support for the strict priority TSA by setting NDIS_QOS_CAPABILITIES_STRICT_TSA_SUPPORTED in the Flags member of the NDIS_QOS_CAPABILITIES structure. The driver uses this structure to register its NDIS QoS and DCB capabilities in the call to NdisMSetMiniportAttributes.

For more information about priority levels, see IEEE 802.1p Priority Levels.

Note  Starting with NDIS 6.30, the miniport driver that supports NDIS Quality of Service (QoS) for the DCB interface must advertise support for the strict priority TSA.



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