Rules for Modifying Device Properties

Many device properties have complex dependencies on other properties or device state. For example, the values of DEVPKEY_Device_Class and DEVPKEY_Device_ClassGuid must be consistent with one another.

Direct modification of reserved properties could invalidate device installation state. For example, if the DEVPKEY_Device_DeviceDesc is changed, system functionality (such as backup, driver rollback, and Windows Update) could break.

The following properties are read-only and can never be set with SetupDiSetDeviceProperty:

The following properties are writable. However, they are reserved for use by the operating system and must not be set directly:

Note  Class installers and co-installers must not change device properties except for the friendly name (DEVPKEY_Device_FriendlyName) and the upper and lower filter drivers for the device (DEVPKEY_Device_UpperFilters and DEVPKEY_Device_LowerFilters). For more information, see Accessing Device Instance Properties.



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