Stopping a Post-Association Operation

The operating system terminates the post-association operation by calling the Dot11ExtIhvStopPostAssociate IHV Handler function whenever one of the following occurs.

The operating system calls the Dot11ExtIhvStopPostAssociate function to notify the IHV Extensions DLL that the data port created for the association with an AP is down. The operating system calls this function regardless of whether the DLL has completed the post-association operation through a call to Dot11ExtPostAssociateCompletion.

When Dot11ExtIhvStopPostAssociate is called, the IHV Extensions must release all of the resources allocated for the data port. If the post-association operation was not completed with a call to Dot11ExtPostAssociateCompletion, the IHV Extensions DLL must cancel the operation internally but must not call Dot11ExtPostAssociateCompletion.



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