Porting Virtual Miniport Halt Operations to NDIS 6.0

Like NDIS 5.x intermediate drivers, NDIS 6.0 intermediate drivers usually halt virtual miniports during the unbind operation. In NDIS 6.0, the ProtocolUnbindAdapterEx function replaces the NDIS 5.xProtocolUnbindAdapter function.

To halt a virtual miniport, NDIS 5.x calls the intermediate driver's MiniportHalt function. In NDIS 6.0, the MiniportHaltEx function replaces MiniportHalt.

If an NDIS 6.0 intermediate driver calls the NdisIMDeInitializeDeviceInstance function, NDIS calls the MiniportHaltEx function for the affected virtual miniport. An intermediate driver usually calls NdisIMDeInitializeDeviceInstance from its ProtocolUnbindAdapterEx function.

For more information about halting a miniport adapter, see Porting Miniport Adapter Halt Operations to NDIS 6.0.

For more information about unbinding operations, see Porting Protocol Unbinding Operations to NDIS 6.0.

For more information about halting a virtual miniport, see Halting a Virtual Miniport.

NDIS 6.0 filter drivers do not require a virtual miniport. For more information about filter drivers, see NDIS 6.0 Filter Drivers.



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