StrMiniReceiveStreamControlPacket routine

The stream class driver calls the minidriver's StrMiniReceiveStreamControlPacket routine to handle I/O requests for a specific stream.


VOID StrMiniReceiveStreamControlPacket(


pSRB [in]

Pointer to the stream request block.

Return value



Note that the class driver passes read and write requests to the StrMiniReceiveStreamDataPacket routine.

The minidriver registers its StrMiniReceiveStreamControlPacket routine as follows: When the class driver opens the stream, it passes an SRB_OPEN_STREAM request block to the minidriver's StrMiniReceiveDevicePacket routine. The StreamObject member of the request packet points to an HW_STREAM_OBJECT. The minidriver sets the ReceiveControlPacket member of the structure pointed to by StreamObject to the minidriver's StrMiniReceiveControlPacket routine.

Upon completion of its handling of the request, the minidriver passes the structure back to the class driver by calling StreamClassStreamNotification(StreamRequestComplete, pSRB->StreamObject, pSRB).

See information about relevant SRB codes in Stream Class SRB Reference.

When the minidriver finishes its processing of the request, it enters the return status of the operation in pSrb->Status. The minidriver should enter STATUS_SUCCESS for normal successful processing. If the minidriver does not support that Command value, it should set pSrb->Status to STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED. If there is a device hardware error that prevents the minidriver from completing the request, it should set pSrb->Status to STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR. Other error codes the routine uses in specific circumstances are listed above with the specific Command code.



Strmini.h (include Strmini.h)



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