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KsSetMajorFunctionHandler function

The KsSetMajorFunctionHandler function sets the handler for a specified major function to use the internal dispatching. It routes through a KSDISPATCH_TABLE contained in the opaque object header to be the first element within a structure pointed to by an FsContext within a file object. The dispatching assumes the table and FsContext structure are initialized by the device using KsAllocateObjectHeader.


NTSTATUS KsSetMajorFunctionHandler(
  _In_  PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject,
  _In_  ULONG MajorFunction


DriverObject [in]

Specifies the driver object whose major function is to be handled.

MajorFunction [in]

Specifies the major function identifier to be handled. This sets the major function pointer in the driver object to an internal function that then dispatches to the KSDISPATCH_TABLE function. The pointer to this table is assumed to be the first element in a structure pointed to by FsContext in the file object of the specific IRP being dispatched. The valid major function identifiers are as listed.



Create IRP. In this instance, a create request could be used for either creating a new instance of a filter, or for creating some object such as a pin under a filter or a clock under a pin. This assumes that the first element in the driver object's extent contains a KSDEVICE_HEADER structure that is used to find the type of object to create, based on the name passed. If a parent file object is specified, then that object's KSDISPATCH_TABLE.ChildCreateHandlerTable in the FsContext is looked at to determine what handler to use for the create, or use the device object's table.


Close IRP.


Device control IRP.


Read IRP.


Write IRP.


Flush IRP.


Query security information.


Set security information.


This flag may be added to the MajorFunction identifier in order to specify that the entry refers to the fast I/O dispatch table, rather than the typical major function entry. This is valid only with IRP_MJ_READ, IRP_MJ_WRITE or IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL. The driver is responsible for creating the DriverObject->FastIoDispatch table. As with normal dispatching, if a handler is set for the driver object, all file objects must handle that fast I/O, even if the entry just points to DispatchFastIoDeviceControlFailure or a similar function.


Return value

Returns STATUS_SUCCESS if the MajorFunction identifier is valid.


If a major function handler is set for a driver object, all file objects must handle that major function, even if the entry just points to KsDispatchInvalidDeviceRequest.


This flag may be used to specify that the fast I/O entry should be set rather than the IRP-based entry.



Ks.h (include Ks.h)





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