The !logexts.loge extension enables logging. If logging has not been initialized, it will be initialized and enabled.

    !logexts.loge [OutputDirectory] 



Specifies the directory to use for output. If OutputDirectory is specified, it must exist -- the debugger will not create it. If a relative path is specified, it will be relative to the directory from which the debugger was started. If OutputDirectory is omitted, the path to the Desktop will be used. The debugger will create a LogExts subdirectory of OutputDirectory, and all Logger output will be placed in this subdirectory.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For more information, see Logger and LogViewer.


If Logger has not yet been injected into the target application by the !logexts.logi extension, the !logexts.loge extension will inject Logger into the target and then enable logging.

If !logexts.logi has already been run, you cannot include OutputDirectory, because the output directory will have already been set.



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