WcsDisassociateColorProfileFromDevice function

The WcsDisassociateColorProfileFromDevice function disassociates a specified WCS color profile from a specified device.


BOOL WcsDisassociateColorProfileFromDevice(
  _In_  WCS_PROFILE_MANAGEMENT_SCOPE profileManagementScope,
  _In_  PCWSTR pProfileName,
  _In_  PCWSTR pDeviceName


profileManagementScope [in]

A WCS_PROFILE_MANAGEMENT_SCOPE value that specifies the scope of this profile management operation.

pProfileName [in]

A pointer to the file name of the profile to disassociate.

pDeviceName [in]

A pointer to the name of the device from which the profile is to be disassociated.

If this function succeeds, the return value is TRUE.

If this function fails, the return value is FALSE. For extended error information, call GetLastError (described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation).


The WCS color profile should be installed on the system and must have been associated with the device using the same value for the profileManagementScope parameter.

If profileManagementScope is WCS_PROFILE_MANAGEMENT_SCOPE_SYSTEM_WIDE, the profile disassociation is system-wide and applies to all users. If profileManagementScope is WCS_PROFILE_MANAGEMENT_SCOPE_CURRENT_USER, the disassociation is only for the current user.

If more than one WCS color profile is associated with a device, WCS uses the last one associated as the default. That is, if your application sequentially associates three profiles with a device, WCS will use the last one associated as the default. If your application then calls the WcsDisassociateColorProfileFromDevice function to disassociate the third profile (which is the default in this example), WCS will use the second profile as the default.

If your application disassociates all profiles from a device, WCS uses the sRGB profile as the default.

This function is executable in Least-Privileged User Account (LUA) context if profileManagementScope is WCS_PROFILE_MANAGEMENT_SCOPE_CURRENT_USER. Otherwise, administrative privileges are required..



Included in Windows Vista and later.







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