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KsGateGetStateUnsafe function

The KsGateGetStateUnsafe function returns the state of the given gate (open or closed) in an unsafe manner, that is without regard to synchronization.


BOOLEAN __inline KsGateGetStateUnsafe(
  _In_  PKSGATE Gate


Gate [in]

A pointer to a KSGATE structure representing the gate for which to return the state.

Return value

This call returns TRUE if the gate is open and FALSE if the gate is closed.


Because KsGateGetStateUnsafe does not handle synchronization, it is possible to get a result that is not consistent with the state of the gate if the gate is in mid-transition from one state to another at the time of the call.

Consider a situation in which the output of gate A is connected as an input to gate B. A transitions to closed, causing B to transition from open to closed. If, at the same time, another thread calls KsGateGetStateUnsafe between the time A closes and the time B closes, the routine still returns that B was open.

KsGateGetStateUnsafe returns whether Gate->Count is greater than zero. The function does not use any interlocked functions to do this. Thus, the call is performed without regard to synchronization.



Available in Microsoft Windows XP and later operating systems and DirectX 8.0 and later DirectX versions.


Ks.h (include Ks.h)


Any level



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