IDebugDataSpaces::WriteControl method

The WriteControl method writes implementation-specific system data.


HRESULT WriteControl(
  [in]             ULONG Processor,
  [in]             ULONG64 Offset,
  [in]             PVOID Buffer,
  [in]             ULONG BufferSize,
  [out, optional]  PULONG BytesWritten


Processor [in]

Specifies the processor whose information is to be written.

Offset [in]

Specifies the offset of the control space of the memory to write.

Buffer [in]

Specifies the data to write to the control-space memory.

BufferSize [in]

Specifies the size in bytes of the buffer Buffer. This is the maximum number of bytes that will be written.

BytesWritten [out, optional]

Receives the number of bytes returned in the buffer Buffer. If BytesWritten is NULL, this information is not returned.

Return value

This method can also return error values. See Return Values for more details.

Return codeDescription

The method was successful.



This method is only available in kernel-mode debugging.



Dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)



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