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KsAllocateObjectCreateItem function

The KsAllocateObjectCreateItem function allocates a slot for the specified create item, optionally allocating space for and copying the create item data as well. This function assumes that the caller is serializing multiple changes to the create entry list.


NTSTATUS KsAllocateObjectCreateItem(
  _In_      KSDEVICE_HEADER Header,
  _In_      PKSOBJECT_CREATE_ITEM CreateItem,
  _In_      BOOLEAN AllocateEntry,
  _In_opt_  PFNKSITEMFREECALLBACK ItemFreeCallback


Header [in]

Points to the device header on which to attach the create item.

CreateItem [in]

Contains the create item to attach.

AllocateEntry [in]

Indicates whether the create item pointer passed should be attached directly to the header, or if a copy of it should be made instead.

ItemFreeCallback [in, optional]

Optionally contains a pointer to a minidriver-defined KStrItemFreeCallback function to be called when the create entry is being destroyed upon freeing the device header. This is only valid when AllocateEntry is TRUE.

Return value

Returns STATUS_SUCCESS if a new item was allocated and attached. Otherwise, it returns STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES.



Ks.h (include Ks.h)



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