Initializing a TCP Chimney-Capable Intermediate Driver

A TCP chimney-capable intermediate driver follows the initialization sequence for an NDIS 6.0 intermediate driver. For more information about this sequence, see Initializing an Intermediate Driver.

In addition to registering its base MiniportXxx and ProtocolXxx functions, a TCP chimney-capable intermediate driver must register MiniportXxx chimney functions and ProtocolXxx chimney functions, as described in the following topics:

Registering an Intermediate Driver's MiniportXxx Chimney Functions

Registering an Intermediate Driver's ProtocolXxx Chimney Functions

If an intermediate driver's MiniportInitializeEx function returns NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS, NDIS and the host stack query the operational characteristics of the offload target. For more information about this query, see Querying and Setting an Intermediate Driver's TCP Chimney Offload Capabilities.



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