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The WIA_IPS_PAGE_HEIGHT property contains the height, in thousandths of an inch (.001), of the currently selected page. The WIA minidriver creates and maintains this property.

Property Type: VT_I4

Valid Values: WIA_PROP_NONE

Access Rights: Read-only


An application reads WIA_IPS_PAGE_HEIGHT to determine the physical dimensions of the page that is being scanned. If the extent settings are different from the known page sizes, this property reports the height of the page whose WIA_IPS_PAGE_SIZE property is set to WIA_PAGE_CUSTOM.

WIA_IPS_PAGE_HEIGHT must provide a measurement in thousandths of an inch that is equivalent to the pixel value that is reported by WIA_IPS_YEXTENT, which reports the height, in pixels, of the page to be scanned.

Note  The compatibility layer within the WIA service does not add support for the WIA_IPS_PAGE_HEIGHT property to the ADF item that is translated from a Windows XP WIA device if the property is not supported on the child item of the device. Applications should not expect that an ADF item will always support WIA_IPS_PAGE_HEIGHT and should always check if it is supported at run time. (Applications should typically check for this support for any property that is be negotiated.)



Available in Windows Vista and later operating systems. For Windows XP, use the WIA_DPS_PAGE_HEIGHT property instead.


Wiadef.h (include Wiadef.h)

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