Installing a Unidrv Minidriver

Installation of a Unidrv minidriver requires a printer INF file that identifies the minidriver's files. If a printer model is not supported by Microsoft's printer INF file, ntprint.inf, a vendor-supplied INF file is required. The INF file should reference printer INF file data sections and printer INF file install sections, which are defined in ntprint.inf. For a minidriver named abc100, the following INF file entries are typically needed, if the printer is bidirectional, supports TrueType font substitution, and uses a single resource DLL:

"ABC Printers"
[ABC Printers]
"ABC Printer 100" = ABC100.GPD, ABC_Printer_100
CopyFiles=@ABCres.dll,@ABC100.gpd  ;Resource DLL and GPD file
DataSection=UNIDRV_BIDI_DATA       ;Unidrv Data Section
Include=NTPRINT.INF                ;Include NTPRINT.INF.
Needs=TTFSUB.OEM,UNIDRV_BIDI.OEM   ;Install TrueType subs, Unidrv,
  ;    and PJL language monitor.

If you are providing a user interface plug-in or a rendering plug-in, you need to include the names of these components within your INF file. For information about installing customized code, see Installing Customized Driver Components.



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