IDebugSymbols::GetSourceFileLineOffsets method

The GetSourceFileLineOffsets method maps each line in a source file to a location in the target's memory.


HRESULT GetSourceFileLineOffsets(
  [in]             PCSTR File,
  [out, optional]  PULONG64 Buffer,
  [in]             ULONG BufferLines,
  [out, optional]  PULONG FileLines


File [in]

Specifies the name of the file whose lines will be turned into locations in the target's memory. The symbols for each module in the target are queried for this file. If the file is not located, the path is dropped and the symbols are queried again.

Buffer [out, optional]

Receives the locations in the target's memory that correspond to the lines of the source code. The first entry returned to this array corresponds to the first line of the file, so that Buffer[i] contains the location for line i+1. If no symbol information is available for a line, the corresponding entry in Buffer is set to DEBUG_INVALID_OFFSET. If Buffer is NULL, this information is not returned.

BufferLines [in]

Specifies the number of PULONG64 objects that the Buffer array can hold.

FileLines [out, optional]

Receives the number of lines in the source file specified by File.

Return value

This method can also return error values. See Return Values for more details.

Return codeDescription

The method was successful.


The method was successful. However, the number of lines in the source file exceeded the number of entries in the Buffer array and some of the results were discarded.



For more information about using the source path, see Using Source Files.



Dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)

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