Customized Graphics DDI Functions

Printer minidriver developers can extend the capabilities of the core printer driver graphics DDIs by implementing plug-in methods. A rendering plug-in can hook out some graphics DDI functions to provide customized implementations of the core printer driver functions. Developers of new printer rendering plug-ins should implement COM-based methods for their plug-ins. See COM Interfaces for Rendering Plug-Ins for a list of the defined COM interfaces.

Prior to the publication of the COM interfaces, IHVs could extend the capabilities of the graphics DDIs by implementing one or more OEMXxx functions for their rendering plug-ins. Although the use of these functions is still supported for compatibility reasons, writers of new rendering plug-ins should use the methods in the COM interfaces.

The rest of this section contains the following topics:

COM-Based Rendering Plug-Ins

Non-COM-Based Rendering Plug-Ins



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