GetFieldOffset function

The GetFieldOffset function returns the offset of a member from the beginning of a structure.


__inline ULONG GetFieldOffset(
  _In_   LPCSTR Type,
  _In_   LPCSTR Field,
  _Out_  PULONG pOffset


Type [in]

Specifies the name of the type of the structure. This can be qualified with a module name, for example, mymodule!mystruct.

Field [in]

Specifies the name of the member in the structure. Submembers can be specified by using a period-separated path, for example, "myfield.mysubfield".

pOffset [out]

Receives the offset of the member from the beginning of an instance of the structure.

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is zero. Otherwise, the return value is an IG_DUMP_SYMBOL_INFO error code.



Wdbgexts.h (include Wdbgexts.h, Wdbgexts.h, or Dbgeng.h)



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