DPInst Driver Support

By default, DPInst supports installing signed Plug and Play (PnP) function drivers and signed class filter drivers starting with Microsoft Windows 2000. DPInst can also be configured in legacy mode to install unsigned PnP function drivers and unsigned class filter drivers.

DPInst maintains a service-driver packages list for class filter drivers. A service-driver packages list associates a service with the driver packages that support the service. DPInst uses this information to update the driver that is installed for a service when the currently installed driver for a service is removed. For more information about service-driver packages lists, see Associating Services and Driver Packages.

How DPInst installs and removes a driver package depends on the driver type. For more information about these procedures, see Installing Driver Packages and Removing Driver Packages.

For more information about how DPInst reverses system changes if a driver package installation or removal fails, see Reversing System Changes.



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