DIFx Driver Package Requirements for Plug and Play Function Drivers

DIFx requires that a driver package for a Plug and Play (PnP) function driver comply with the following requirements:

  1. General requirements that apply to PnP function drivers. For more information about PnP function drivers, see Device Installation Overview.

  2. Generic DIFx driver package requirements, including specifying the driver package type and the catalog file for PnP function drivers.

Specifying the Driver Package Type and the Catalog File for PnP function Drivers

We recommend that you include a DriverPackageType entry in the INF Version section of the package's INF file to specify that the driver package type is PlugAndPlay, even though DIFx does not require this entry.

DIFx requires that the INF Version section include a CatalogFile entry that specifies the name of a catalog file for a signed driver package. If the driver package is not signed, do not use a CatalogFile entry.

The following code example includes a DriverPackageType entry that specifies that the driver package type is PlugAndPlay and includes a CatalogFile entry that specifies that the name of the catalog file for the signed driver package is "ToasterPlugAndPlay.cat."




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