warning C28617: Avoid using the return value of _beginthread(). Use _beginthreadex() instead

It is safer to use _beginthreadex than _beginthread. If the thread spawned by _beginthread exits quickly, the handle returned to the caller of _beginthread may be invalid or, worse, point to another thread. However, the handle returned by _beginthreadex has to be closed by the caller of _beginthreadex, so it is guaranteed to be a valid handle if _beginthreadex did not return an error.


The following code example generates this warning.

hThread = (HANDLE)_beginthread (&SecondThreadFunc, 0, &args);
WaitForSingleObject (hThread, INFINITE);

The following code example avoids the warning.

hThread = (HANDLE)_beginthreadex ( NULL, 0,
                                   &args, 0, &threadID);
WaitForSingleObject (hThread, INFINITE);



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