warning C28141: The argument causes the IRQ Level to be set below the current IRQL, and this function cannot be used for that purpose

Additional information

IRQL was last set to <IRQL> at line <line-number>"


A function call that lowers the IRQL at which a caller is executing is being used inappropriately. Typically, the function call lowers the IRQL as part of a more general routine or is intended to raise the caller's IRQL.


The following code example elicits this warning.

KeRaiseIrql(DISPATCH_LEVEL, &OldIrql);
KeRaiseIrql(PASSIVE_LEVEL, &OldIrql);

The following code example avoids this warning.

KeRaiseIrql(DISPATCH_LEVEL, &OldIrql);



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