IPortWavePciStream::TerminatePacket method

The TerminatePacket method terminates the packet currently being mapped.


NTSTATUS TerminatePacket(



Return value

TerminatePacket returns STATUS_SUCCESS if the call was successful. Otherwise, the method returns an appropriate error code.


This method is used primarily for capture situations in which I/O packets need to end at specific points in the stream (for example, to synchronize with video frames). The data buffer for a capture pin on an audio device consists of one or more I/O packets. Each I/O packet is the portion of the data buffer that is attached to a particular mapping IRP. By default, while a capture stream is in the KSSTATE_RUN state, the contents of an I/O packet become available to the client only when the last mapping in the packet has been filled. The TerminatePacket method makes a partially filled packet immediately available to the client without waiting for additional capture data.

Changing the state of a capture stream from KSSTATE_RUN to KSSTATE_STOP automatically terminates the current I/O packet.



Portcls.h (include Portcls.h)





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