Installing a Port Class Audio Adapter

This section describes the device-class-specific information that a vendor should include in an INF file to install a port-class audio adapter in Windows 2000 and later, and Windows Me/98. For a description of the general INF file requirements and options for all device classes, see Device Installation Overview.

The description of the required INF file entries in this section is based on a hypothetical XYZ Audio Device. The driver for this device is contained in a file named Xyzaudio.sys. Example Manufacturer and Models sections for the device are shown in the following:

  [VendorName]  ; Manufacturer section
  %XYZ-Audio-Device-Description%=XYZ-Audio-Device, <Plug and Play hardware ID>
  [XYZ-Audio-Device]  ; Models section

For more information, see INF AddReg Directive.

The following topics present examples of the key sections in the INF file that installs the device:

Specifying Version Information for an Audio Adapter

Installing Device Interfaces for an Audio Adapter

Installing Core System Components for an Audio Adapter

Installing Windows Multimedia System Support for an Audio Adapter

Installing an Audio Adapter Service

Customizing Control Panel

Miscellaneous Installation Issues for an Audio Adapter

For additional examples, see the sample INF files \ac97\driver\Ac97sampl.inf and \sb16\Mssb16.inf in the \WDM\Audio directory in the directory tree that contains the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) samples.



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