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MediaControl.IsPlaying | isPlaying property

Applies to Windows only

[MediaControl may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use SystemMediaTransportControls.]

Gets or sets the state of the Play button.


var isPlaying = Windows.Media.MediaControl.isPlaying;
Windows.Media.MediaControl.isPlaying = isPlaying;

Property value

Type: Boolean [JavaScript] | System.Boolean [.NET] | Platform::Boolean [C++]

The state of the Play button.


IsPlaying is a Boolean value that indicates the state of the Play button. You can retrieve or set this value. You can also use the current value to make programmatic decisions about the behavior of the app. Here is a JavaScript code snippet that shows how to get the value of IsPlaying.

// User-defined event handlers that modify audio stream behavior
// based on button events
function playing() {
	MediaControls.isPlaying = true;

function paused() {
	MediaControls.isPlaying = false;

function ended() {
	MediaControls.isPlaying = false;

To see the complete listing for this example, see How to configure keys for media controls.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

None supported

End of client support

Windows 8.1

End of server support

Windows Server 2012 R2


Windows::Media [C++]



See also

How to configure keys for media controls



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