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ImageScannerFlatbedConfiguration.Brightness | brightness property

Applies to Windows only

Gets or sets the current brightness level for capturing image data from the scanner's Flatbed. At the beginning of a new scan session, this property is set to the DefaultBrightness property.


var brightness = imageScannerFlatbedConfiguration.brightness;
imageScannerFlatbedConfiguration.brightness = brightness;

Property value

Type: Number [JavaScript] | System.Int32 [.NET] | int32 [C++]

The current brightness level.


Your app can set the value of this property to any Int32 value between the MinBrightness and MaxBrightness values, and also relates to the BrightnessStep value with this equation:

Brightness = MinBrightness + (N * BrightnessStep)

where N is a positive integer smaller than or equal to (MaxBrightness - MinBrightness) / BrightnessStep.

The app can return the brightness level to default by setting the value of this property to DefaultBrightness.

If the scanner doesn't allow brightness adjustments, MinBrightness, MaxBrightness and DefaultBrightness are set to the same value-oftentimes 0, the BrightnessStep value is 0, and the app can't set the Brightness property to a value other than DefaultBrightness.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8.1

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 R2

Minimum supported phone

None supported


Windows::Devices::Scanners [C++]



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