SessionStateException Properties

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyData  (Inherited from Exception)
public propertyErrorRecordOverridden. Gets the error record that provides details about this instance of the error condition.
public propertyHelpLink  (Inherited from Exception)
public propertyInnerException  (Inherited from Exception)
public propertyItemNameGets the name of session state object that the error occurred on.
public propertyMessage  (Inherited from Exception)
public propertySessionStateCategoryGets the session state category of the element that the error occurred on.
public propertySource  (Inherited from Exception)
public propertyStackTrace  Overridden. Gets the stack trace associated with the exception. (Inherited from Exception)
public propertyTargetSite  (Inherited from Exception)
public propertyWasThrownFromThrowStatement  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the exception was thrown from a throw statement. (Inherited from RuntimeException)

  Name Description
protected property HResult  (Inherited from Exception)

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