PSObjectPropertyDescriptor Properties

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyAttributesOverridden. Gets the attributes for the property.
public propertyCategory  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
public propertyComponentTypeOverridden. Gets the .NET type of the adapted object or PSObject object that this property is bound to.
public propertyConverter  (Inherited from PropertyDescriptor)
public propertyDescription  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
public propertyDesignTimeOnly  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
public propertyDisplayName  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
public propertyIsBrowsable  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
public propertyIsLocalizable  (Inherited from PropertyDescriptor)
public propertyIsReadOnlyOverridden. Gets a Boolean value that indicates if the property is read-only.
public propertyName  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
public propertyPropertyTypeOverridden. Gets the .NET type of the property.
public propertySerializationVisibility  (Inherited from PropertyDescriptor)
public propertySupportsChangeEvents  (Inherited from PropertyDescriptor)

  Name Description
protected property AttributeArray  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)
protected property NameHashCode  (Inherited from MemberDescriptor)

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