CmdletProvider Methods

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public methodGetResourceStringGets a resource string that corresponds to the specified resource base key and identifier.
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public methodShouldContinueOverloaded. Sends a query to the user to confirm that the operation should be performed. The variants of this method can send the query with or without providing yes-to-all and no-to-all options.
public methodShouldProcessOverloaded. Confirms an operation with the user by sending a query to the user. The variants of this method can be used to send the name of the resource to be changed; send the resource name and the action to be taken; and send a description of the action to be taken, a query asking whether the action should be taken, and a caption.
public methodThrowTerminatingErrorSends an error record to Windows PowerShell when a terminating error occurs and the provider cannot continue.
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public methodTransactionAvailableDetermines if there is a transaction available for the provider. Transactions are started by running the Start-Transaction cmdlet. This method is introduced in Windows PowerShell 2.0.
public methodWriteDebugWrites a debug message to the host application.
public methodWriteErrorWrites a nonterminating error record to the error pipeline when the provider encounters an error but can still continue to process records.
public methodWriteItemObjectWrites an item to the output as a PSObject object with extra data attached as notes.
public methodWriteProgressWrites a progress record to the host application.
public methodWritePropertyObjectWrites a property object to the output as a PSObject with extra data attached as notes.
public methodWriteSecurityDescriptorObjectWrites a security descriptor object to the output as a PSObject object with extra data attached as notes.
public methodWriteVerboseWrites a general user-level message to the host application.
public methodWriteWarningDisplays warning information.

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protected method Start Starts the specified provider. This method is called by the Windows PowerShell runtime to initialize the provider when the provider is loaded into a session.
protected method StartDynamicParameters Adds parameter definitions to the Start method implemented by the provider. These dynamic parameters are added at runtime based on conditions specified by the Start method.
protected method Stop Frees resources before the provider is removed from the runspace. The Windows PowerShell runtime calls this method to allow the provider a chance to stop and clean up its resources before the runtime removes the provider.

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